Monday, January 6, 2014

Today I love you. I don't know what Tomorrow will Bring.

“Basically what we have here is a dreamer. Somebody out of touch with reality. When she jumped, she probably thought she'd fly” 
― Jeffrey EugenidesThe Virgin Suicides


I can't seem to see the use.

I waited; knowing not to let anyone in.  My heart is too tender for love.  My body is too weak to go on. I'm too broken to bring happiness to another. 

I took a leap that I might regret. 
Maybe we shouldn't always leap forward.

Taking steps backward might be my best bet.
I don't want to be broken any further and my heart is too swollen with pain to fully love. 

My heart is ugly,
Like old snow, dirty and lame. 

But I took that leap desperately for companionship. 
A need that holds deep in my bones, infesting my marrow. 

“We couldn't imagine the emptiness of a creature who put a razor to her wrists and opened her veins, the emptiness and the calm.” 
― Jeffrey EugenidesThe Virgin Suicides


  1. first of all, i love the virgin suicides. so much. <3

    second, your heart is nothing like old snow. maybe it's more like an old tree, that grows in spite of its environment and has harder bark than the other trees. but that doesn't mean it isn't still beautiful in its own way.

    love is a strange, strange camel.