Thursday, May 21, 2015


People are talking about a fog in the air,
That seems to cloud their thoughts...

Just plug along one woman says,
That's all you can do.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


In years I’ll look back at this moment with more clarity.

I’ve traveled across the world for love.

Some people may call that fate,

Others would look me straight in my face and call me a fool.

I can’t seem to decide who I am.

I walk a little taller,


I also feel empty and powerless.

I may have just committed myself to my biggest mistake to date;

In that case, the joke is on me.

I’m the fool. 

Year to Date

Year to date:

2 broken hearts
3 broken dreams
4 lost friendships

I can’t always make sense of myself;
Why do I make such rash decisions?

We all seem to be lost; some people just hide it better than others.
I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve,
My heart is wide open.

I think of myself as foolish;
I prefer for you to call me brave.

Breakfast is such a dull meal

I’m your science project;

Try to figure me out.

You will never be able to tick the same way,

So don’t try.

I’ll bite the hand that feeds me any day of the week;

Because I really don’t need the satisfaction.

I have enough with my own mentality,

But just because you don’t understand doesn’t make you right.

I know you are wrong and you will eat your own words for breakfast. 

Radical Policies

Response to the radical shooting in Texas 2015:

I have always been a little more open-minded than my friends and family.

I have supported radical ideas, such as animals having similar – if not the same rights as humans, gay marriage, sex changes, male pregnancies, foreign policies, immigration, equal rights among races, sexes, and generations, environmental protection, environmental rights, freedom of religion, freedom to posses weapons, freedom of speech, freedom of migration and progression, freedom to act as you please as long as it does not harm another (Jefferson politics) etc.

It hasn’t been until recently that I have watched my point of view shift from radical to conservative.  I have always believed that people should be able to express themselves however they seem fit, just as long as it does not harm another person, animal, or the environment.  It seems, however, that some groups of people and countries practice their freedoms in ways that harm others, therefor inhibiting the freedoms of other people.

I am going to make a bold statement that expresses my new understanding of people that I may regret in the future.  I don’t believe radical forms of thought should be accepted in the United States.  I have recently developed a new point of view on such faiths, such as Islamic faiths, because, from my understanding they make their point even if it means harming other people.  I don’t feel that this should be tolerated.  I further believe that if a group of people wants to practice hate, though it is not fair, the majority of the practicing faith should have to also pay the penalty.   This punishment may help people realize how their actions, not only affect the people they hate, but also the people they support and love.  If such groups are still willing to harm other people because of their beliefs, then I feel it is up to the American government and American citizens to express similar disgust towards them. 

Further, the reason these people have migrated to America is because of better living conditions and the belief in the pursuit of the American Dream.  They should live out their own dreams in their own country if they cannot act in manners that are good for society as a whole.  I think forcing them to live in their own country, which is filthy and lacks education, would be punishment enough.

Lost intentions

My choices are numbered by options,

But my options are limited.

I may never be able to see how this action will affect you;

Sometimes I just want to focus on myself.

Which may not be important.

I forgot our vows.

I think it’s a sign of the future.

A sign of lost intentions.

Let's all eat too much and throw it all back up

I’ve always been a hasty person;

Always biting off more than I can chew.

I usually become manic in my upswings; then flying down to earth when everything falls apart to shambles that are worse than they were before.

I was always told to taste my food before I salt it;

I should really start listening to my own advice.