Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gravity takes its toll

I don't know if I was going to kill myself or not that night. 
Sometimes the mind can play tricks on you after midnight. 

You didn't seem to care. 
Told me you would take care of my cat. 
I love my cat more than the world; 
So that, at least, is reassuring. 

I cried for over an hour. 
You placed the phone on the floor and didn't listen to my screams. 
You called me crazy over and over and over again. 

I begged you to take those words back.
You didn't. 

I still feel like I might defy gravity.  
Defy Newton himself. 
However, sometimes I could only be so lucky. 

I'm now a Dentist

In hindsight it's been a good week.
Without suffocation I flourished and imagined greater heights.

You have a way of placing plastic bags over my head.
Then you take a string and tie it tight.

However, next time you lie through your teeth,
I will find a way to fix your problem;
I will take away your teeth, one by one.

You don't measure up

I don't think you could be a bigger person if you tried. 
You have no incentive. 
You have no will. 

You just can't seem to measure up. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I don't wait in lines for just anything

You have women lined up to suck your dick. 
Unfortunately for you, I don't wait in lines. 

You'll be left dry, but not on my terms. 
Left for the desperate and those in need of extra cash. 

Fortunately, I'm rich in more than just spirit;
My bank account tells me it's rich in more than just spirit too. 

Go find some Craigslist ladies

It's funny how in the end you can never see how high your stakes are,
Until you lose the game. 

Regaining my soul

You slowly became my soul; I had to have some peace. 

In a perfect world I would have never met you.  We would continue to live separate lives. Instead, fate took me by surprise.  

I began living a nightmare.  Losing sense of direction.  My GPS navigation system is my only sense of direction.  I'm following it to new places, trying to find a new life. 

My tarot cards keep warning me of a smooth talker.  Maybe it isn't the men you tell me to look out for, maybe it's you. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Parallel Universe

I feel so lost; lonely.  

I feel like I've been abandoned. 
Time ticks slowly. 

It would be easier if I knew what you were thinking; feeling. 

You don't share that easily.  You're guarded. 
It's a shame. 
I'm a sham.